We’re walking Tokyo (this time from Kichijoji Station to Nakano Station) to practice for next year’s Yamathon! Is there anywhere in Tokyo that you’re curious about? Let us know below and maybe we’ll walk it or message us to come join us!

Kichijoji Station to Nakano Station ?! Why?!@

Check out our first post to learn more about why we love to walk the cities we live in. We originally went out to Kichijoji to check out the Round 1 (because I love games) and decided to just walk home. I know, don’t ask – we make these kinds of decisions to just walk home a lot. 😀

Kichijōji Station to Nakano Station

Our Route

Walking Tokyo: Kichijoji Station to Nakano Station Route
Walking Tokyo: Kichijoji Station to Nakano Station Statistics


  • ~2 hours
  • A little more than 5.5 miles
  • This was an extremely flat route with everything to see centered around the stations. Every station has its own charm!
  • We followed the train line so we passed the following stations: Kichijōji, Nishi-Ogikubo, Ogikubo, Asagaya, and Kōenji
  • #FromPineapples difficulty: 🍍 (of 5)
  • #FromPineapples things to see: 🍍🍍 (of 5) – (only around the stations).

Neighborhood Notes

  • Kichijoji has a really large Round 1 where we played メダルゲーム (medal games, my personal fav). Not as good as the one in Odaiba, but I think it’s great for an area outside of central.
  • Ogikubo is famous not only because it’s a ‘ramen battleground’, but is known specifically for Ogikubo Ramen – a Tokyo style ramen prepared from fish. I have a few places that I wanted to try on my Foursquare list, but we didn’t get to try any – specifically Harukiya. If you get out there and try some, let us know which ones!
  • Even though the stations have its own charm, the paths between the stations are what I would describe as pretty boring (at night).  It might be different during the day, but I say this because if you’ve ever walked in a Japanese residential neighborhood away from a station and outside of central (and even some in central), you’ll know that Japanese neighborhoods are eerily quiet – I often wonder if people actually live in them. The ambiance is akin to a horror flick – right before the monster appears and devours you – so you generally walk quickly and quietly as to not disturb the peace.
  • Originally home to Tokyo’s punk scene in the 70’s, Kōenji is famous for its vintage clothing shops. You’ll find a ton of them in the PAL shopping street and around the station.
  • Also, while you’re in Koenji, if you like curry – make sure to check out the 100 Hour Curry B&R which won the Kanda Curry Grand Prix in 2016. It’s ticket machine so you’ll need very minimal Japanese to order and try some.
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Walking Tokyo Series: Kichijoji to Nakano Station
Walking Tokyo again! This week we walked from Kichijoji Station to Nakano Station! Passed through Kichijoji, Nishi-Ogikubo, Ogikubo, Asagaya, and Kōenji.
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