Let the food adventures begin! We started out our trip in Hong Kong, and while our list of places to write about is long, I figured this is a good place to start since Tim Ho Wan is planning to open up in Royal Hawaiian Center this summer! They also have a location in NYC if you can’t wait that long!


This place is worth it. If you’re anti-queues, go at an off hour and make sure you read the notes below on how to get there (if you’re headed to the HK MTR location). If you only have room for one thing: Baked Bun with BBQ Pork ?

Navigational woes

Google Map

There are four locations in Hong Kong and we had originally planned to go to the one in Olympian City, but since we were already at IFC (International Finance Center) after trekking the mid to central escalators, we decided to check out the one in the IFC Mall.

The address listed online was IFC Mall MTR Shop 12A, which seemed easy enough to find, but it’s a maze! I’ll save you our 15 minute back and forth confusion:


It’s actually NOT in the IFC Mall. Go to the Hong Kong station and head toward the Airport Express ticketing area. At the end, take the escalator down, go straight ahead, and it will be on your right. It’s in the L1 section on the above layout.

If you’re already in the mall, you can find it by heading toward the Airport Express or the MTR station (Tim Ho Won is located one level above the Airport Express). Look for this logo:


We found it!

We arrived at a weird time, around 3:30 pm, but there were still a few people in line. Since we were on a pretty tight timeline, we opted for takeout and were given a paper order sheet to check off what we wanted.

Most people said it was packed when they came for lunch/dinner, so I definitely suggest coming at an off hour if your game plan is to sit down and eat (there aren’t any shared tables or places to sit in the station). Since our next stop was the Kowloon Walled City Park, we decided to jump on the MTR and eat in the park.

HOLY COW. The baked bun with BBQ pork was maybe the best thing ever. It’s not the traditional char siu bao that I’m used to getting at dim sum places in Hawaii (or anywhere else we’ve been, really). It was slightly sweet, flakey and so delish! So good that the previously vegetarian husband had TWO.

The pan fried turnip cakes were also great, but the baked pork bun stole the show. At $58 HKD (~$7.50 USD) for everything, it was definitely the cheapest Michelin-star food we’ve ever had, and chances are high that we’ll check out the one in Waikiki.

Tim Ho Wan (添好運)

Hours: Mon to Sun, 9am – 9pm
Note: Cash only

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