Lunch time explorations! The lunch crew decided it was time to visit Moku Kitchen. We’ve been hearing all the rave reviews, so we went to confirm. 😀

First off – seriously. The last time I walked by SALT (granted this was at the peak of the Pokemon Go craze, at 11pm. Lol.) it was just Hank’s Haute Dogs and Highway Inn! Where did these little shops come from? I’m so out of the loop.

In terms of location, Moku doesn’t get high marks since it’s a bit far from our Downtown office to be considered convenient for lunch, and their happy hour ends at 5:30pm. I mean – who in the world goes to a weekday happy hour from 3pm?! No seriously, who? Because I need to apply at their office.

We had a reso for 12:15p (Extra points for using Open Table so I don’t have to deal with people) and man this place was bustling. Could’ve been the “this place kinda just opened” hype, though, so we’ll have to come back to verify. 😉

Check out how big this place is in the pics below. Two large seating areas (plus outdoor seating) and a bar area. I love the interior. Maybe it’s the ceilings, or the art, or the wood paneling but it kind of reminded me of Williamsburg. Or maybe I’m just missing NYC these days. Hahaha.

Drinks were pretty standard in pricing, but the food was a bit on the pricey side. I was going to get the fish tacos, but $21? (I lied, not missing NYC after all. LOL) A bit steep for lunch. Totally happy with the tacos I got, though – I was nervous (MASHED potatoes?! What?) but it turns out they’re pretty great! The crunchy taco shell went well with garlic mash and they were actually pretty filling – I only ate 2. Granted I ate a bunch of those fries back there.


Potato Tacos


Sorry. I was starving and didn’t get any close ups of everyone’s burgers, just this one hilarious pic:


They thought she was on a diet I guess? Looool. Everyone loved their burgers, and of course, their drinks too. 😀

After checking out the SALT website, there are still a bunch of shops and restaurants that are “Coming Soon”, so I’m sure we’ll be back. That Village Bottle Shop & Tasting Room looked pretty neat.

Moku Kitchen
691 Auahi St, Honolulu, HI 96813

Parking: They have a bunch of parking at SALT and with validation the first hour is free. After that it’s a $1/hour, then jumps to $6/hour at the 4th hour.