At some point in the last 5 years, I decided that I wanted to start blogging again. I missed it! If only because it helped me remember things that we did. Places we’ve been, conversations we’ve had and all the amazing people that we’ve met in this crazy life.

Of course, it has also taken me all five of those years to actually setup this blog, which I did this morning (hence the totally standard wordpress theme), mostly because I promised myself I’d get something up by the first of the new year after paying $130 to get this domain back after forgetting to setup auto-renew (a story for another day).

Then after setting it up I played around all day until 9pm and realized – I still have to actually write the first post. O_O

Procrastination at its finest I tell you.

All that aside. I’m Sara. Born and raised in Hawaii, I have an outward love of food and a not-so-secret addiction to kdramas (don’t judge). I work in marketing and design, but am planning to treat this blog like a diary: run on sentences, poor grammar and emojis. 😀

I’m starting this up because the husband (Ryan) and I love to travel, but also love to forget things. Ha. I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast, so when someone asks me where they should go in NYC or Japan, I literally have to look things up via photos and old foursquare (yes, foursquare) check ins. The struggle.

We have a crazy month of travel planned in March (China, Japan and Korea), but in the meantime, I’m throwing up weekly posts of some of the places we got to visit in 2016. Some in Japan, some in Hawaii and a few in NYC.

TL;DR: This is a pretty much a travel blog and I swear the next post will actually be about travel. Hahahhaa.